Nappy Buckets - Nappy Pail

Nappy Buckets with Lid are perfect for storing washable nappies. We sell Nappy Buckets with lid and without a lid. Beckets come in vast range of colours and capacities as 10 liters, 14 liters, and 16 liters.

Handle makes buckets handy

Lid helps to keep trap the odour

Plastic Nappy Buckets with Lockable or Tight Lid

Ideal as a nappy bin, pet food container, toy tub, cleaning tools, and many other bits and bobs

A simple, modern and practical nappy buckets which provide you with the perfect place to store used nappies ready for laundry. 

Shop here from a wide range of plastic buckets at

We offer low price and fast

 Nappy Buckets - Nappy Pail

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